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致全校国际学生的一封信A letter to all International Students

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Dear students,


非常感谢大家在过去的一段时间里对学校疫情防控工作的支持! 你们为我校疫情防控工作取得阶段性的胜利做出了特殊的贡献!现在,正如你们所看到的,新冠肺炎疫情的防控工作已处于关键时期,中国政府针对疫情发展状况又做出了新的部署和安排,学校已多次召开会议落实国家有关工作要求,积极采取应对措施,切实保障广大师生的健康和安全。全体国际学生的健康安全是学校最重要的关切,早日战胜疫情,回归正常愉快的校园生活,是我们共同的期盼。在此,学校向大家发出如下提示:

Thank you very much for your support to the work of university regarding epidemic prevention and control over the past weeks. You have made special contributions to help us facilitate this tough task which has achieved success in current phase! Now, as you can see, the prevention and control of the Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is at a critical moment, and new arrangements and deployments have been announced by the Chinese government according to how the epidemic evolves. Correspondingly, the university has organized several meetings to implement the latest work requirements from government and taken measures to effectively protect the health and safety of teachers and students, in particular, the health and safety of all international students which is the top concern of our university. It is our common expectation to overcome the epidemic and return to normal and happy campus life as soon as possible. The university hereby will issue the following reminders:

1. 请及时关注并严格遵守中国政府的有关通知。学校已经根据中国教育部通知,做出了延期开学的决定,开学时间请等待学校统一通知。学校自2月17日开始课程网络教学,请按照各自就读学院的安排,做好上课准备,处理好有关学习事宜。

Please pay close attention to and strictly abide by the relevant notice of the Chinese government. The university has decided to postpone the beginning of new semester as required by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and will announce the exact starting date uniformly to you, please wait patiently. On the other hand, online teaching will begin on February 17thand you should prepare to have classes according to the arrangements of the college you are attending, and handle the study related matters.

2. 请认真履行个人事项汇报。为确保同学们的健康和安全,学校将实时统计大家的假期行程和身体状况,请认真及时填写有关统计材料。所要求填写的材料,是新学期注册登记手续必备资料之一,不要因为漏填漏报影响了自己的正常报到。

Please fulfill your reporting carefully. In order to ensure the health and safety of all students, the university will collect the data about your itinerary during vacation and your physical condition in real time. Please fill in the relevant forms carefully and timely because all of them will be among the necessary materials for registration in the new semester. Anything missed from them will affect your normal registration.

3. 如您及同住家人出现发热、干咳、乏力以及呼吸困难等症状,一定及时反馈给你的联系老师或辅导员。

If you or your family whom you live with experience symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, and breathing disorder, be sure to report to your contact teacher or counselor in time.

4. 请尽量减少外出。目前在汴同学原则上不要离开开封,如确有特殊情况需要外出,需继续履行疫情防控期间请假手续;目前在外地(包含国内外)的同学计划返汴者,请履行疫情防控期间返校报告手续并签订疫情返校旅途安全告知书,获批后再启程;返汴的同学须自行居家(或在留学生公寓隔离区)隔离观察(疫区返校者观察期14天,非疫区返校者观察期7天),待观察期结束确保无疑后再入校学习。

Please avoid going out as much as you can. At present, in principle, students who are now in Kaifeng should not leave this city. If there are indeed special circumstances that you have to leave, you shall go through the procedure of taking leaves during the epidemic prevention and control; for students who are currently away (including in other cities of China and abroad) and plan to return to China, you shall go through the procedure of reporting during the epidemic prevention and control and signing the safety notification during travel, and set off after you are approved; students back to Kaifeng must have quarantine observation at home (or in the quarantine area of the international student dormitory) (for those back from epidemic-stricken area, the quarantine lasts for 14 days, and for those back from non-epidemic areas, the quarantine lasts for 7 days). You are only allowed to go back to the university after the quarantine is over and nothing abnormal is reported.

5. 近期请不要邀请或接受外来人员来访。学校将加强校园管理,严格实施门禁制度,对外来人员和车辆进行管控。

Please do not invite or receive visitors recently. The university will strengthen the campus security management by being extra strict with the access control of the gate as well as the external personnel and vehicles.


Dear students, we are now at the critical moment of control and prevention of the epidemic. Like old Chinese saying goes, the brave wins on the narrow road, the rainbow follows the storm. Let us join hands and persist in this task, making effort from every individual and being abide by the requirements, and we will see the blooming spring in Kaifeng soon!


Thank you all again for your understanding and support to the university!


Henan University NCP Epidemic Prevention and Control International Teachers and Students Special Leadership


February 14, 2020